Hi, I'm Kayli!

Kayli Head is the founder and lead designer of The Bloom Bar, a boutique floral design agency with a love for color and a belief that floral is fun and should be a reflection of yourself. Using expressive designs that are as playful as they are beautiful, she is a romantic at heart and falls in love with flowers every week as she designs for couples and brands. After 23 years in the industry, she still gets up every day excited to design and make art with friends. 

Kayli is drawn to private ranch weddings in Texas where she is able to celebrate the land (similar to her own wedding) but also has a heart for punk-rock, out-of-the-box experiences through experiential marketing with wild details and color. It’s this juxtaposition that keeps The Bloom Bar as a favorite for planners to recommend for their clients. They know that no matter the style, The Bloom Bar will deliver.

The Bloom Bar was launched in 2015, and her husband, Derek, quickly joined the team and they have since designed hundreds of Hill Country Weddings and weddings in Austin, Texas. When they aren’t at the studio, you can find them at their family cattle ranch in La Grange, Texas, with their new baby Holly Brynn and mischievous blue heeler, Gus.

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